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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Ultimate Weapon: Tidus

Tidus: Caladbolg, Sun Crest, Sun Sigil

With Tidus, you have to start with the crest and the sigil, because the guy at the edge of the calm lands won't let you past until you have these. So start out with the sun crest. You find this after kill Lady Yunalesca, in a chest.

The Sun Sigil is won from the chocobo race on the calm lands. You have to get a time of 0.0 which means you catch a ton of balloons, since they subtract time from your score. When you do, you get the sigil.

Help Winning the Chocobo Race:
Practice, practice, practice!
Don't go for the FIRST balloon. She'll almost always get that one. Instead, aim directly for the SECOND balloon. You should not be ahead of her to get the rest
After you take the corner at the bottom of the ramp, stay on the right side for safest running
If a bird is coming at you, when it's about halfway to you, push hard to the side of the screen. It should go safely overhead.

Thanks to Arsenic from the Gaming Forum for these tips!

If you go over to the guy's location IMMEDIATELY AFTER WINNING THE RACE, the guy is still distracted by the race. So you can go down without any interference, down the path to the northwest of the calm lands. Use the Celestial Mirror to get the Caladbolg and Tidus is all set!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tidus' ultimate weapon works best when he is full HP. It does less damage when he's harmed.

Weapon Bonusses:
break damage limit
double overdrive

If you can't find the path, Daymar in our forum drew this cool map. Thanks, Daymar!!

c is calm land area
S is the save point at the al bhed camp
the left "¦" is the leftmost border of the calm lands
the right "¦¦" is the cracked earth thing
"___" is the path
` and g are the gorge

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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