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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Yojimbo and Zanmoto

Thanks to The Supreme Alien from the Gaming Forum for compiling this information!

woohoo at last you too can now see if you have a good chance of
pulling off Zanmoto on those big nasty people!!!!
Its all about motivation and there's 5 ways to rack up motivation points!!!
Factor 1 Amount of Gil
this ones quite simple
4 - 2
8 - 4
16 - 6
32 - 8
see the patern each time you double the gil your motivation goes up by 2
say we gave him 100000 Motivation would be 30
Factor 2 Compatability
stat starts at 50pts max at 255pts
list below effects compatibility
PAY 0 gil -20pts
Yojimbo Dies -10pts
Dismiss without paying -3pts
Uses daigoro -1pt
Uses Kozuka No Change
Uses Wakizashi(single) +1pt
Uses Wakizashi(All) +3pts
Uses Zanmoto +4
The motivation is then worked out by
Compatibility pts/30 = motivation
eg c=255/30 = 8.5
Factor 3 Zanmoto Level
c=motivation from compatilbility g=gil paid t=total gil you have
c * (0.75 + [{p * 0.5} / t])
eg we'll use c=8.5(from result above) pay him 100000 from 500000 we have in total gil
this number then gets used thus, when you first attained Yojimbo and
answered wanted to hire him by saying "help with your training as a summoner"
or "help to destroy fiends"
for all bosses(zanmoto lv4) except All Monster Arena bosses,
Dark Aeons, and Penance *0.25(these are zanmoto lv5)
for lv5 *0.2
for Adamantoise Anima(Zanmoto Lv3) *0.33
for Barbatos, Behemoth, Behemoth King, Cactuar, Qactuar(Zanmoto Lv2)*0.5
for all others(Zanmoto Lv1) *1
However if you chose to destoy the powerful enemy's option then for Zanmoto lv1-lv3 *0.8
and for zanmoto lv4-lv5 *0.4
exp I choose poweful enemy's one and I'm fighting a Dark Aeon(Zanmoto Lv5)
using the number above(7.225) I times* 7.225 by 0.4 which = 2.89(this is part of the motivation lv)
Factor 4 Overdrive
This is simple if he's in overdrive you get 2 motivation pts
lets say he's in overdrive for this example
Factor 5 Randomality
(didn't you just know it)
it randomly selects a number from 0-63
for this example lets say 45
ok now lets see what kind of attack would have been performed
Motivation Lv - Attack
0 - 31 would give Daigoro
32 - 47 would give Kozuka
48 - 63 would give Wakizashi(single)
64 - 79 would give Wazikashi (All)
80 + would give ZANMOTO
so we got*drumroll*
Factor 1 =30
Factor 2 =8.5
Factor 3 =2.89
Factor 4 =2
Factor 5 =45
Total No.=88.39
Result Zanmoto Performed Woohoo!!!!!

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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