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III: Mountain Cliff

We know this level by heart. This is where you come back to gain health back before facing whatever you're currently fighting. The monsters are easy, but there are FOUR deaths here, and an anti-death halo. Save the halo until you clear out the whole first region (i.e. before the wall that closes behind you near the far end of the map). Then get all the deaths activated and have them chase you back to the halo. Kill them all, then sprint to the end to get the fourth death as well.

There's an area to the right of the halo with the obelisk. The wall by the broken head is lowered by a switch which is on the lower level, under the head - shoot the wall to get to it.

The money game is also here - the death head door near the end. Stand on it to get 50 coins - when you do, you get to become a minotaur. Just use the up and down C arrows while on the character screen to do so.

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