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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :

Your very own missions in the mansion!! This circle is in the center of the mansion.

You're talking with Rosenberg the Lawyer, Avery the Cowboy (it's Burt Reynolds!) And Lance (who is Tubbs from Miami Vice!). Avery says we need real estate. Lance wants to shake them down. Rosenberg wants to bribe them.

You say you'll be back in 5 minutes.

Go to North Point Mall in Vice Point. Do hit and run on shop fronts with a gun or bat. You have 5 minutes to smash them all. Note that you're smashing GLASS not the wall parts in there. So look for the glass windows marked. Make sure you keep track of which pink spots are on your floor (squares) and which are above or below you (triangles).

So you should get there with 3 minutes left. Do the lower Gash windows first. Then the 2 at the coffee shop. Now across the floor to the ones at the other end of the ground floor. Run back halfway and go up the escalator to the mid-mall second floor stuff, then finally run back to Gash's upper floor and smash these. If you do these from the inside the cops actually help you :)

Payoff: $2000 and all stars go away

Now you can buy the other buildings! Avery calls you on the cell phone to tell you to keep your eyes open for real estate to buy.

Around now you get a "Vincetti Suit" from the Collars and Cuffs :)

Tip from Kat:
Here's the windows Tommy has to bust: Lower - GASH (6 windows), Tarbrush Cafe (2 windows), I think it's a music/bookstore (2 windows), jewelry store (3 windows). Upper - GASH (6 windows), and Vinyl Countdown (6 windows). Here's my technique: Doesn't matter where you enter the mall from, just get to the lower level of GASH, bash the windows, then on the opposite side, near the "Win This Car" thing, smash the windows of Tarbrush Cafe. Then run to the other side of the mall to the music/bookstore, then turn around and bash the jewelry store's windows. Okay, your time is probably really short right about now, so here's the catch. Change to the fist/brass knuckles or a small gun, that way, you can run full-force without being slowed. Go to the upper level thru the GASH, and bash in the remaining windows there (of the GASH), then go back down and up the escalator to the mid-way point (makes it easier then to run all the way around, since your time is limited). Now, turn right/left (depending on which way you came from) and run to the Vinyl Countdown store, bashing in the last windows for the mission. (It worked for me, and I had 30 seconds remaining on the timer. *sighs* Don't you just HATE those timers?!) Good luck!

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Review

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