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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough
Cop Land

Let's get the cops attention - create a high wanted level so cops follow you to lock-up. Not too hard! If a cop car blocks the gate just move it and go in with Lance.

Now you catch them and get into a car. You can't kill Lance! Take cop car and plant a bomb at Tarbrush in Mall. Nice fresh cop car around corner for you. Get body armor on building on right of mall with long stairs (body armor is at left end of stairs)

When you plant it, you get 5 seconds of ticking. Run out quickly and it blows. Now go go down in to lower area with the car to remove a star.

Protection Ring Asset Complete. Now your mansion generates revenue up to $5000 - be sure to collect it regularly.

Payoff: $10,000.

Cop outfit to police station on Washington Beach. Note that there's a dollar sign in front of the estate now, and it rings up cash regularly!

Your cell phone rings - it's your pal, Lance. He's a bit cranky. "You don't care about me. Give me a fair slice. I gotta go."

Tip from Dez:
After you've got the uniforms, drive the police car next to the car just down from the shopping mall (pretty much next to the downgrading police STAR). The after you've blown up the shop, go out of the shopping centre, jump over the railing into the police car (without Lance is better!). Drive straight ahead over the bridge and turn left and hug the wall to get another downgrading police STAR. Drive back again to the shopping mall (you'll have police swarming all over you by now) and get into the other car. Drive to where you battered the cops to get their uniform and there's another Police STAR right in under a small gateway in a grassy alley (which should get you down to just 2 stars). Now at this point you can risk it, collect Lance and finish the mission OR you can go to a paint and spray shop so the police won't hassle you anymore. It took me about 30 attempts to complete this one so be patient and keep plugging away. It is a hard one and no mistake.

Tip from rifs:
You don't even need a cop car, start the mission, have Lance fallow you up to the helicoptor pad, fly to dot on the map, land in the back yard, start shooting people to get two wanted stars, then run into the garage, and just wait for two cops, then fly to the mall and land in the grassy area between the south doors, go in and set the timer, then fly home. It's so easy that way, and the only way I could finish it. I tried lots of times, but I could never drive back because of all the swat trucks smashing me.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough
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