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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :
Messing with the Man

This is a VERY misleading mission. You have to fill the "Chaosmeter" in 2 minutes - but he makes it sound like you have to do it on the bike. In fact you're hard pressed to do this from the safety of the roof!

OK you have to prepare for this one. Get around 50 molotov cocktails and the rocket launcher. Then beat up on street people until you have 3 or 4 stars BEFORE you start the mission. Now go in and talk to him to get the mission going.

Run out, right, and up the stairs onto the roof where the shack is. Go past the shack and left so you're overlooking the split where the road goes from two lanes to two one way streets. Now start lobbing the cocktails! Save the rocket launcher for the helicopters that will come at you. If you throw the cocktails very steadily you'll get the full meter.

Payoff: $2000. Now go into shack to save and rid the stars.

Tip from Nick:
Simply blow up a single car and shoot the burnt out wreck to increase the chaos meter.

Tip from pongoid:
Just get the flame thrower before you start the mission. You can find one on the south end of the west island, and another in the pool of the last house on right as you're leaving Starfish Island going West. Start the mission, hop on the bike, ride around the corner, hop off the bike and just run around in a circle, cooking everything that moves until your chaosmeter reaches its limit. If all goes correctly and you use your flame wisely, you should be able to run out of there with the world burning behind you, and your mission passed with over 45 seconds to spare. Easy peasy.

Tip from Mika from Finland
Before starting this mission, stole few cars and abandon them in a middle of the road in front of grasy chopper bar. Let traffic jam build up. Start the mission and burn the whole traffic jam with flame thrower. You'll get that Chaosmeter up in few seconds and mission passed easily.

Tip from Wilfred
Kill one of the SWAT team member, then go to the Memorial Stadium. Kill just one guy and you will complete the mission.

Tip from Lolumz34
The fastest way is to: Before you start the mission, put some cop cars in one of your garages. Start the mission, then go kill those cars. Step back, let the door close. Then open the door again, the cars are there again to kill. They will keep respawning, as long as you let the door close all the way. Keep doing that until you have completed the mission.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Review

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