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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :
Hog Tied

OK, a local street gang stole his hog. This is your initiation. Get the bike, and you can tell Paul he has security.

Take a PCJ 600. Get 3 gear changes back (listen for the engine noise changes) and launch at the stairs that point at AmmoNation. Use square-break when you land to brake on the roof.

Shoot the 2 guys up there and then rest as they come up the stairs. There are LOTS of guys. Shoot them as they come up, get the health there when low on health. adrenaline to one side but shouldn't need it.

Now hop on the bike. Launch up white stairs to get out and ride back.

Payoff: $4000

The biker link goes away, and you get a call from Mitch saying you did good. He says to tell Kent Paul he'll get his security.

Tip from Tony Bradshaw:
On this mission you can do it without getting hurt or shooting anyone else (It takes a lot of time away from you). You need to grab a PCJ600 or an Angel. Drive it to the stairway that is pictured. Take the PCJ600 and go back until a little after you pass the building, with the Angel you will have to go back even further to pick up more speed. GO up the stairs and land on the roof (I got a Unique Jump Bonus here). When you get on the roof immediatly stop and get off the bike. You should not have been spotted yet. Then RUN and the jump off the side of the building into and alley you still should not have been spotted. RUN past the guy that is walking back and forth. He spots you, but he doesn't shoot at you. It takes a while for a wave of guys to come at you, so immediatly grab the bike and go up the white stairs. Do a willy to get a jump. I hope you know the streets really well because the gang send many vans and double the people after you, but when you get out in the open you should be good (Like up to the bridge to go to Starfish Island). Then go back to the biker gang and a man runs out and takes the bike to the safe zone. You have to be really fast when you do this. Thank you!

Tip from Sanne Pit:
Hint: Why jump when you can fly?
Explanation: You have your own chopper, or you can steal it from the police station near the ammunation. Fly to the roof, jump of it (you will lose a little health here) and take the bike. Now you can easily cruise back to the bar. Finished in 1 minute :)

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Review

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