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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough
Spilling the Beans

When you buy the printworks for $70,000, there are now new missions there. No video at first, but you do get the video on the mission as always.

You tell the old guy there that your dad used to work at a printing shop and you worked with him. You always thought about going into it. The guy tells you to print money instead. You use a cab to ride to the Malibu Club (only $9 and fast) and ask him about the plates. He says to go down to the shipping company down at the docks.

If you don't have any yet, there is body armor across street in doorway.

Go up the gangplank, turn left. Go right at main ship hold, around to left and to the front of the ship. Go up the stairs and around. You want to go up 3 levels - not all the way to the top. Go to pink spot and talk to him.

Now the tough part. You have to get back down all the stairs. Blast and shoot your way down. There's health under the gangway when you get there.

$2000 when you get back to the printing shop.

Tip from clint and rick:
it is much easier to jump off the ship rather than killin all of the guys. then you can get a car and get back to the print shop.

Tip from Dez:
Use this mission as a sniping mission! Once you've got a car from the nightclub, park at the grassy area at the front of the ship. Take out the sniper rifle and you should be able to shoot one guard on the middle walkway and one next to the door where you need to go (bit hard to see this one though). For safety I also throw a Molodov cocktail onto this part of the ship because I suspect there's a guard there I can't see. Then back in the car and park by the body armour (make sure you don't park too near the ship or the alarm will go off and it's near impossible to complete this mission). Sniper gun out again and you should see a man high up on your left (hard to see again but he's there) and another guy standing on a platform below the level of the containers. There's also one of 3 walking guards at this point, be patient, wait for him to walk in the ramp opening then kill him. Drive to the ramp at the back of the ship and there's another 2 walking guards. Again be patient and wait for them to appear in the ramp gap before killing them both. Now you should be able to get to the required doorway without any alarms ringing. (If at any time a single police star flashes get back in the car and drive around a little - it quickly goes away!) Getting out is harder but I managed it by jumping over the railings, run round the back of the ship (i.e. not the way you came in), down the back ramp and into a car. Again there's a paint and spray nearby if you rather the police not hassle you or you can risk making it to the Print Works with two stars out on you. Tricky mission again, sniping is fun after a while but getting out took me a longer time to figure out. Load up on those sniping bullets.

Tip from Tony:
OK! If you don't have a sniper Rifle, I suggest you get one. YOu will need to get a lot of fire power also. When you get there, go from side to side of the boat and shoot all of the guys you can see (the guys with blue suits on). This should take care of a percentage of what you would have to deal with when you make the guy talk. After you make him talk people start coming after you. Shoot them as they come up, when they stop coming up go down about 2 levels and then people will start to come at you again. Go back up the stairs and the throw a grenade at them to take care of the main problem. After this maybe two or three more people will come after you, but they are no problem to handle. Just don't let them shoot you because they have no mercy. After you kill them don't diddle daddle around because more people come up out of nowhere. But it takes a couple of mintues before they come. Hurry and run off the boat and you should have kept a FAST car waiting because you need one just in case people start coming up in cars (I don't know if they do, but it is just a warning). Get it to the Print Works and then you get a measly 2,000$.

Tip from Jero:
if you don't like the heavy shoot out at the ship, try the following: take a helicopter. after you have been to the malibo club, fly to the port, but keep your distance to the ship otherwise the are going to shoot you down! land on the entrance building of the port, which is right in front of the ship. sniper all the guards (about 4 or so) on the ship. now the tricky thing: get back into the heli and manouver it on the top deck of the ship commando building, right next to the chimney, get out, go down one deck to gather the printing things and once all the shooting trouble starts get back into your heli and fly all save and sound to your condominium at the north of the same island. there you can get rid of the stars, as you have a bribeing symbol in front of it... then get the printing stuff back to your printing factory.

Tip from Robbelibobban:
Using the helicopter and landing below the "chimney" on the boat(in the rear)works pretty good. After that itīs just to walk down one stair (no resistance!) and talk to the guy you need to.Itīs pretty tight, and if your mainrotor gets stuck, just hop out and push the chopper right. Could perhaps also shoot some guys in the upper part of the boat to make a smooth and perhaps bullet free landing. Good luck!

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough
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