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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough
No Escape?

You're putting together a team. First, a safecracker. You have to break Cam Jones out of police custody. Note there's a smoke canister up behind police station.

Go into the police building. VCPD HQ. There's an uzi in the locker room. Go to the pink spot to change into a uniform before going into the restricted area.

Now the game says a key card is upstairs. Now, in uniform, head into the restricted area and upstairs. You see the keycard in far end to right, plus a hidden package in back of same room. There's a heart in another room to side. OK, you're set. Head back down the stairs and then go down into the cells. Another pink spot awaits. Let the guy out. It's Cam Jones.

Now you have 4 stars. You have to get back out with everyone shooting you. Race through and get into a car.

Get to a paint & spray to get rid of the stars. Now his house is right nearby.

Tip from CRySiS:
instead of using a car. plant a helicopter outside the police station. once youve broken cam jones out, run to the helicopter. fly to your car showroom and you have a car/spray n pay waiting for you. It takes a while for the cops to follow you such a distance over the ocean so when you get there youll have *AT MOST* 2 cops with pistols. no fbi or swat.

Payoff: $1000

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough
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