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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough
The Shootist

OK, now to find a gunman. You're told that Phil Cassidy is the best shooter. He'll be at shooting range. Note he is voiced by Gary Busey!

Go to AmmoNation in the north end of the left island. Now head into the Rifle Range. Note that there are three stages and if you run out of time OR AMMO that it ends. So aim carefully!

Round 1. The closest - 1 pt, middle - 2 pts, far - 3 pts. Really, you just want to shoot the far away targets and clear them out. You're aiming for between 30 and 40 points in this round.

Now out to Round 2. Hit as many targets as you can, 1 point each, for a minute. You should get around 10-20 points in this one.

Third round. Again, a point per target, for one minute. The back targets that go smoothly up then down are great to get. You should tag between 10-20 of these. Phil will fail you if you get 60 or less, but above that, he's impressed and joins up with you.

Payoff: $2000

Tip from Funk Faking Jive Turkey:
The key for me to complete this mission was round two. I'd usually end up with 17 points for the first round (after numerous, NUMEROUS tries), but on one of these occasions I racked up 42 points for round two, which meant all I had to do was pretty much show up for round three.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough
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