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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough
The Driver

OK, now you're after a driver. Funny how every one of them has a condition to join you? For the driver, you have to beat him in a race. Meet him at Vice Point. He's a little strange.

You're in a Sentinel. Note that this MAY seem unfair at the start, because his car has a quicker acceleration than yours does. But actually your car is FASTER once you get up to speed. Just after you start there's an "Illegal street race" alert. The cops come now - 2 stars. Long twisty racetrack.

The trick here is to tag him in the butt end when you're on the first stretch and catch up to him. He'll spin out and then be behind you the entire rest of the race. Go easy around turns - don't brake - just ease off on the acceleration as you make turns and go smoothly around cars. If you've been doing all the other side races, you should be in good practice to win this one.

Payoff: $3,000

Tip from Tony:
Just drive very fast, but safe on the opposite side he is on and you will begin to pick up speed. When you have to take the sharp turns at the strip club and the other places let go of the acceleration and then just pick up again. Hillary crashes a lot while taking the turns. And if you can, try to fake him out so that he will crash in to other cars as well. Follow this, but unless you are about to take a sharp turn I tell you DO NOT SLOW DOWN AND STAY AWAY FROM OTHER CARS UNLESS A REALLY SKILLED DRIVER. Thank you!

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Review

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