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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough
The Job

You're holding up a bank. Everyone gets into the taxi waiting there. Drive to the pink dot. You're driving. They're fighitng like kids, VERY funny.

Pull into spot. He is going to drive around the block. Go over to pink spot. "Nice and easy just as we planned." Hockey masks?? "This is a raid!" You and Cam go in hole to right to go up stairs. Go in and up to top level. Shoot guards there. Now go into pink spot to elevator. Come out - another guard. Pink spot near safe. "It's a Flange 9000". He wants the manager and stays there.

Now you go back into elevator and down. New pink spot. Down into office. Follow dot. Body armor in there. Security cameras in there. Health in another office room with the manager. He runs after you. Run back up to the elevator. He goes in with you. You both go to the safe.

You leave manager there and go back to Phil. "I told you not to touch that alarm" The SWAT team is coming. Run down to his level to help out. Back to pink spot. "You are completely surrounded" The vault is open. Now the SWAT storms in. Kill them then run to the pink spot to leave.

Run to taxi and get it to the paint and spray right down the street to the left. Make sure stars go fully away before you drive back to pink spot. Go into pink garage when door opens. Mercedes is waiting for you.

Payoff: $50,000

Malibu now generates $10,000 per day. Bank Heist Asset Completed. Bank Job Outfit now at malibu club.

Phil calls quite happy and says for you to call him if you need him. Now you have Phil missions.

Tip from Sinner:
before you go to the club to do the mission take and park a car around back of the bank theres alittle alley ( if you face the bank its on your left side theres alittle sidewalk to go down ) there so instead of making a suicide run for the taxi just goto the car you hid which gives you a jump on the cops ( if you own the car dealership drive there which is only about 5 turns away and get into the paint n spray)

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough
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