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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough
Martha's Mug Shot

Alex Shrub is after you. Candy is 'in the act' during the video. Interesting. Press and hold R1 to target with the camera. Square to zoom in, X to zoom out. O to take a picture.

Hop into the Sparrow around back - a really thin helicopter.

Follow her along (you have to follow her, you can't just zoom to the target) and you'll get a cut scene of her walking in to Shrub in the pool "Could you call me Martha?"

The WK Chariot Hotel across from balcony. Park the helicopter about 10' from the entrance - if you're too close it'll vanish when you come back out. Go in the side door. Go up several floors until pink triangle turns into a square. Take 3 photos and they go inside.

Now you have 5 stars and the cops want the camera. Run all the way downstairs. You'll meet a few guys coming down but you have to get in that helicopter quickly!! Fly back to the film studio. Do NOT fly right to the pink dot - you'll be shot at if you do. Land at the end of the studio and you'll be able to run without being shot at to the pink dot.

Payoff: $4000

Tip from Dave:
Instead of going to the hotel and up the stairs, land on top of the one to the left of it (if you're looking from the road) it's a really thin building but you can do it if you kinda balance the helicopter so when you get out you dont fall, snap the guy and then fly back to the studios no problem at all.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough
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