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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

Go downtown and adjust the spotlight. Security guard drives a PCJ to work.

Go to pink spot, drive around to lower office. Drive around to pink spot inside. Elevator opens for you. Go up in elevator with 2 people. Now ride to pink spot. Smash through window - have timer going . Unique bonus Prize. Now follow pink spots. Jump from ledge to ledge. You have until 7am to finish. Health about 4 buildings in.

At health spot go aroud to side to get to jump. Now ride upstairs. Over jump. Keep following pink dots until the end.

Payoff: $8000

film studio now generates $7000 for you

Hint from SEB: well ya see, in the last mission for the film studio "G-Spotlight" Why would you want to do all the work with the PCJ 600 when u have a police helicopter beside the office !!!!! Do the first jump and then just go down , get into the helicopter and take u'r time ... all the checkpoints have easy access to the helicopter....doesn't get much easier......

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough
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