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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough
Keep your Friends Close ...

I got this one when I was 58% done, had all other missions complete and the car gathering complete.

Lance calls and says there's a "problem". You see a video where you try to pay off Sonny with fake cash, and Lance betrays you. You knew he was no good!! Now go back into your room and defend the safe.

Use the colt python - one hit, one kill. Just stand near door way and shoot each one that comes in.

Lance says, "No one to cover your ass now, Tommy." You're told "Go kill Lance" - go out to the hallway. You call out "Backstabbing prick". Now stand on balcony pressing R1 to target and shooting. They'll come in from front door, lower right, upper right. He ran to the roof and stays there. You can go to the basement and get health / body armor before you head up.

Go up on roof and waste him. An easy way to kill Lance is to run past him and drop Napalm on his head. Note that when you come back in you can go down in the basement for more body armor.

Now go back to the room with the safe. Another video. 'You took 15 years from me, Sonny." "I own you,Tommy. Those 15 years were mine to spend." Nice attitude!

Kill Sonny and finish this. Ken is still there and happy!

Payoff: $30,000

After the ending of GTA3, I was worried about what would happen next. In GTA3 I was really disappointed that you end up killing everyone you knew, even the poor woman who was just flaky and not harmful. Instead, they did a GREAT GREAT job with this ending.

You get a call from "Paulo". He met Mercedes. Very happy. Then another phone call - Cortez. Asks about Mercedes. Going to be a lawyer?? Happy that she isn't. Yet another phone call. Paul calls. He's drunk and rambles on. You tell him to get some sleep. Earnest Kelly calls now. He'll need a stick to walk. Heard about Lance. Little prick. But he's happy too. Yet another phone call. Steve. He's rewriting the record books. It's H.O.T. Best damn skin flick director.

This game definitely ends in a way that makes you feel like it was really worth playing! The city is YOURS now, and you have a whole team to back you up.

Tip from malinger
Before starting the mission, get the grande launcher. After starting the mission , switch to the Uzi ,. and stand on the stairs to "Welcome" the intruders. you have to last for one minute , since after one minute , Lance arrives and you get full health and shield. After lance arrives run after him , and you have less than 50 shield , go to the basement to get more. go up to the roof , and switch to the Colt hand gun BEFORE entering the roof. on the roof run straight to the left , and get the Adrenaline pill. Shoot all the regular guys standing there ( about 5) and head to the Heli pad, there is a Heart icon there , take it , and all is left to kill now is Lance ,approach him slowly from the heli pad , and kill him ( Uzi) then go downstairs to your office. kill the guys there. Sonny shows up. Switch to Rocket launcher (Granede launcher ) and from the top of the stairs fire non-stop towards the guys at the bottom until you end the mission. Game Over!!!! (Took about 20 tries to figure out, but I never cheat!)

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Review

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