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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough
FAQ: How do I activate these missions?

The last 2 missions only come when you've done enough of the game that you are a 'power in Vice City'. Otherwise the mob doesn't bother to come down and harass you.

For me, I hit the final missions after doing all other missions and all the 'gather the car' stuff too. Check out the car dealership walkthrough section for more details about the car gathering ring.

Note that this does not complete the game 100%! If you look in your stats area, it will tell you what percentage of the game is done. You're usually around 45% to 50% when you finish the last mission. You still have to do the rampages, package collecting, store hold ups and races to get to the full 100%.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Review

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