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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :
Your Background

OK, you've been in Jail for 15 years because you wouldn't rat out on the Mafia. But the Mafia is afraid of having you back on the streets. So they decide to ship you down south to Vice City (i.e. land of Miami Vice) to get involved in the cocaine business there. They assume that once you're settled they'll come down and take over.

You (voiced by Ray Liotta!!) meet up with some guys to start a drug deal. But it goes bad, and someone takes off with the coke and the loot. So the Mafia is furious, and you have to make things right.

Important things to know when you get started!!

Triangle to jump into ANY car
X to go, square to stop or reverse,
Triangle while driving will leap you out of the moving car!
Run a TON. The more you run, the longer you can sprint (X while running). Build up your endurance.

To save, get to the pink cassette tape on the map. Walk into the pink circle there and you can save.

Note, you can get a baseball bat right behind the building you're in here.
You can get a handgun across from Cortez's yacht - with your back to his pier, go forward and left.

Just look at this outfit :)

Random scores:
scam artist - 354
ruffian - 636
goon - 1013
felon - 1575 - 1688
bag man - 1789 - 1986

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

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