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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :

The lawyer now introduces you to Avery - the cowboy you met on the Yacht. He says that he's having trouble with a land purchase, and wants you to go stir up the crowd there. You have to get new clothes first to fit in.

Neato, now you're wearing a overalls with hat. Head on to the pink area. First, start fighting with 4 guys. The cops say "let's crack some commie skulls". Ah, enlightenment. OK, now you have to blow up the trucks. It's easiest if you have a car waiting nearby, run it in to the trucks and then shoot the barrels to blow them up.

Payoff: $1000

Note at this point you already can talk to Avery, and now Cortez calls you to say he wants to talk to you too. So now you have A and C on your map.

Tip from Barret Hartman:
On the Riot task for the lawyer, it is easiest if you shoot the barrel next to the two trucks. That will blow up two trucks. Then, just get the heck out of there. Jump in the third truck, and take off. Once you're out of the mess, crash the truck into walls and other immobile targets to get it flaming. Then jump out and run!

Tip from Masterbaitor
Park your car near the riot mission entry. Then punch 4 to 5 guys to start the riot. After the meelee starts hop in your car and run over every last one of those suckers. This will allow you blow up the barrels very easily.

Tip from StaticLullaby
The best way to avoid the police getting you is to use two cars to block the entrance to the yard. Make sure you position the second car so you open up your door and can walk into the yard. And also check that it is impossible to walk anywhere past the cars, police don't jump so they will not get over the cars if you do this right. Also try to avoid killing too many workers, as this will cause a helicopter to appear (three star rating). If they leave you alone, just blow up the trucks.

Tip from Ben
I found the easiest way to do this mission is to drive a car over a couple of the construction workers to get the riot started. Once the gate opens ram the security guard with the car and hop out. The construction workers will leave you alone unless you mess with them, so just steal each van and run it into the water one at a time, jumping out before each goes into the water of course.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

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