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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :

For me this came after the 'fastest boat' mission. This works REALLY well with a rocket launcher. Make sure you have one!

A European gang wants to hit a bank. Phone-Guy wants to stop it. You have to find the members in 9 min.

First grab guns (including rifle) as needed, hop on the convenient PCJ motorcycle and go to first spot.

Mike Griffin. He's up on the billboard sign! Fire up at him. Rifle is quick.

Now Dick Tanner, DPB Security. In an armored car. Chase him down. Note if he gets out he'll hop in another car so destroy the car! If on motorcycle, use machine gun to shoot. After short while, car smokes and he runs out. Shoot him. If you have a rocket launcher this one's easy.

Next Marcus Hammond and Franco Carter. They're at a Jewelry shop. One is standing and one in a pick-up truck. Run over the standing one (switch to a car) then destroy the pick-up truck by bashing it. Another easy one with the rocket launcher.

On to #5. Nick Kong is cruising (in a boat!) off Washington Beach. Shoot him from near the bridge (short stone one). Yup, rocket launcher is good here, tho a rifle works with one shot too.

Finally, Charlie Dilson is riding in Washington - 4 min left.

Payoff: $4,000

Now you get a call that the next phone mission is at the airport terminal.

Tip from scottwitt
Instead of ramming the security truck: hide behind the corner across the street and sniper the dude. Much faster and easier.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

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