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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough
Loose Ends

This phone booth is in Little Havanah. I got this one after The Shootist at the Malibu Club.

There's a valuable exchange on the roof of the ice cream company. Kill everyone involved, steal merchandise and take to airport. Gate on left gets you in

There's a M4 on right inside gate. Shoot car out. Take out the guy on stairs, one on right in boxes, one up on stairs area. There's a ton of guys so go slowly.

Work your way in slowly using zoom-in sniper rifle (press square to zoom in). There's body armor over to far side. Stairs right in front when you come in don't connect to the roof. You have to go in and along right way up low concrete stairs to little metal stairs and around to left.

There's health up on roof in this corner. There's another health further on by ice cream cones.

When you see the briefcase, go up on ramps by briefcase to shoot guys on other end. There are guys hiding under the ramps. Go back to health if necessary.

Grab briefcase. Hop in Maverick helicopter and take off - fly to helipad.

Note if you're hurting that you can fly over to big ship first and grab health (under gangway) and body armor (across street in doorway)

Payoff: $16,000 and hidden package up here.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough
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