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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :
Four Iron

There's a guy down at golf course. You have to beat him up, and you're given a membership card. You need to dress properly though. Head over to Jocksports clothing. You're dressed in checkered golf pants!!

OK, try not to look in any mirrors. Walk on over to the golf course. When you head in they'll remove your guns. If you're wise, you've already done the Carlos mission and have the chainsaw because it makes this MUCH easier. Get in the golf cart and ride on over. See the golf cart on its on on the left? Drive it underneath the structure and block it in with your own. This is the cart the guy will run for and if it's trapped this is even easier.

OK, now head up the stairs. He sets his bodyguards on you. Chainsaw them all down, then chainsaw the guy. Pretty easy!

Payoff: $500

Tip from pat
park car at the side of the main entrance jump on top of car then jump over fence into golf course with all your weapons

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Review

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