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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :
Guardian Angels

This can be VERY frustrating so be sure you're practiced on motorcycle riding before you start this one.

You're supposed to pick up a rifle and then watch over a drop-off. So first go to the multistory carpark. Pick up the ruger rifle there. Lance will show up and want to come along with you.

OK, you two now go and meet the guys you're protecting. Head up the stairs and get on the platform at the top with the pink circle - right at the edge. Press down on the left thumbpad to crouch, then use R1 to zoom in and be ready with the circle button to shoot.

First the bad guys (NOT the traders, AFTER the traders) come in from the right. Shoot them. THen others come in from the left. Then more guys from the right, then more from the left. Do NOT shoot the flowered shirt guys in the middle, those are yours!!

Now comes the part that's frustrating. The bad guys run in with motorcycles and take off with the cash. OK. Sprint down the stairs and over to the motorcycle (make sure you've practiced running a lot before this to build up your stamina). Switch to a MACHINE GUN NOT A RIFLE and grab one on the ground if you don't have one. Now hop on the motorcycle and drive NOT SUPER FAST after them, making sure to dodge the ramp along the way. If you get right behind them, blast them with your machine gun. I find once I get them to fall down once that it's MUCH MUCH easier to then switch to a fast car and run them over repeatedly until they die. It usually involves a lot of chasing. If they leave the map, the mission fails.

Get the money and bring it back to Diaz. He's thrilled and you wonder where Lance went to.

Payoff: $1000

After this, Diaz calls you on your cell and wants you to start working with him.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

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