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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :
The Fastest Boat

Diaz is jealous. A new fast boat is being made and he wants it. Your mission is to steal the boat.

Drive a sturdy car or two over to the building. You'll probably need 2 to run the people over. Drive one in and run over everyone until the car blows up. Fetch the second and keep running people over. There's a health down the stairs to the right (the stairs down to the lower dock area) if you get too hurt.

Now go look in the door and snipe the 3 guys inside the boathouse. Run in and stand in the pink circle to pull the lever and drop the boat in the water. More guys come - run past them and leap into the boat.

Now head straight for the dock marked on your map. Just blast past anyone you see. You just have to GET TO the pink circle (it's a striaght run, no tricks) to end the mission.

Payoff: $4000

Tip from Mike:
i tried everyway listed,and then went on pj760 motorcycle,go in around warehouse gun blasting,it seemes you are invisible to taking a hit.then go inside warehouse where you get the key,there are 2 gunmen in there which you kill before getting off bike,clear sailing from there.

Tip from Ari:
Instead of going in through the front entrance and using your car, I went to the docks near where the boats are (near Diaz's boat I think?). I took a car, jumped the gap on the docks to get to a boat I can take. I then took the boat out to where the 'fastest boat' is, I stayed as far back as I could and started pegging off the thugs from a distance. I then docked the boat, pegged the last couple guys by the switch and voila! Instant boat. :) Ran like heck to the boat and drove it back, dodging all the fuzz.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

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