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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :
Hidden Packages

We did get all packages but to be honest, writing down where they all are located was getting a bit tiring, and there are already a ton of package listings on the web so it also seemed redundant. If you have a favorite you want us to add in, drop us a line, but otherwise we might not get to updating this for a while.

* In garage immediately in front of you if you stand with Pier 2 (Cortez's Boat) behind you. Go in and left.

* Near north end - hotel with swimming pool in back. Drive behind it, jump on car then on ledge to get in.

* Up in lighthouse

* In the interior of the central police station (where you go for the 1st Malibu mission)

* Little colored beach shower rooms on little "in between" island before you get over to starfish island.

* big curved white apartment building at jut-out north of golf course. Go up on 4 lvl high dive platform over pool.

* if you go to Washington Beach (the actual beach) theres several signs.(one for 'ammu-nation', one for 'shaft hot dogs', and one for 'jocksport') theres a HIDDEN PACKAGE behind the jocksport sign. Submitted by Stephen

* Beside the Malibu in the parking lot. Submitted by jwallbank

* From Negeren: If you walk out of the Malibu, you see a penthouse with a pool on the top of it directly infront of you. There is also some kind of Silo next to it. The package is on the top of the building. I used a chopper to get to it.

* From Negeren: South of Amu-Nation, behind the house (I think it must be the farest south one on that island) on the small pathway that runs along the coast.

* Find house with Rockstar logo shaped swimming pool in backyard. Go upstairs on outside of house to balcony. Thanks to Scooter for this one!

* Find cop badge in SE corner. Go straight west from here down the alley.

* In the film studio (have to buy it) in north building.

* Under concrete bridge in center of island, under the main road.

* On top of wooden bridge that leads to the southmost island.

* To west side at the end of the "S" snake shaped path

* Northeast from ammo nation, in northern part, is 'claw and ball' big sculpture. It's in its center.

* Straight across from Cafe Robina. Go out door, across street, it's behind a wall on the right.

* South port area, in northwest corner where grey meets green on map by row of garage doors, 'dead end' big area. If facing paint and spray in this area, go straight left and it's on the right.

* In past the main airport entrance (the overhead signs) - left past big parking lot - into hangar - in left corner.

* In top floor of car showroom

* On the Helipad in the airport (the place you land for the 5th phone mission)

* Just off cross road at top of island, In back alley behind AmmoNation.

* In northern area, office building by entrance to "G-spotlight" mission, on right.

* In northern area, down beneath ambulance parked across from HiFi Stuff

* Near Kaufman's Cab - wall with red bottom - go around behind it and there's a little downstairs behind it

* From Negeren: Phils Place (you can get a job there after the Malibu missions), when you go in, its in the red building to the right.

* From Negeren: Port area to the south. Boathouse, right next to where the airport area starts. Its in the small office in there.

* From Negeren: Behind (West of the) Stadium, on the Left island (Big grey blob up north)

* From Negeren: On the north-most cargo ship, on the far East side, in the middle.

10: Body armor at Ocean View & Starfish. Not very helpful - there is body armor everywhere!
20: Chainsaw at Ocean View & Starfish
30: Python at Ocean View & Starfish
40: Flamethrower at Ocean View & Starfish
50: Laser scope sniper rifle at Ocean View & Starfish
60: Minigun at Ocean View & Starfish
70: Rocket Launcher at Ocean View & Starfish
80: Sea Sparrow helicopter at top of Starfish Island mansion
90: Rhino at the airbase
100: Apache ("hunter") at the airbase, has guns and missiles
Dillon, SEB and Dave all pointed out I forgot to list the hunter. Thanks!!

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

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