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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :
Cop Bribes (spinny badges)

* First island, Behind building by water in center left - across from big hotel with lots of lights in the windows

* First island, By the south side of North Point Mall

* First island, across from big pink building in the center

* First island, down in lower-level mall north of pole position.

* First island, Across from bridge to Leafy Links. In arch in building.

* Prawn island, southeast corner of island right on the road

* Second island, in northern area right in front of Hyman Condos

* Second island, if you drive across lowermost bridge towards second island, keep driving straight and use stairs as a jump to get badge.

* Second island, in Little Haiti (thanks to JamesTate)

Note on Star Levels:
1 star: single cop cars, they forget easily
2 stars: multiple aggressive cop cars
3 stars: helicopters, tire-poppers / spike strips on the ground, roadblocks
4 stars: SWAT guys coming down from helicopters, SWAT vans
5 stars: FBI zoomy cars!
6 stars: army after you with tanks and trucks with marines (from Luke)

You can get a FBI Washington of your very own on the left island, in the northern area, in the grey alley square with body armor.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Review

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