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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :
Houses to Buy (with garages!)

Note that you can go up into the hotel that you start in to see your apartment. You have a change of your favorite clothes here.

House #1: 3321 Vice Point
Cost: $2,500
Right island. NE corner of island by mall. Can now save here when not on a mission.

House #2: 1102 Washington
Cost: $3,000
Right island. Big pink/grey building with orange area around doors, 1102 over door. In Washington area, over on western side of island against the water. On map, big grey building with green 'notch' in one side, green on either side and against the water. It's across from "K Rosenberg & Co" hanging sign, just south of North PointMall.

House #3: Links View Apt
Cost: $6,000
Big white building with yellow highlighting, has a garage. It's opposite the building with archway you can walk through, in 'black road rectangle' just north of bridge over to Leafy Links island.

House #4: Ocean Heights Apartments
Cost: $7,000
Right island. One block east of the gun shop. straight down the alley when you leave the gun shop. Tall tan building with red lines on it. Garage immediately on left for storing a car.

House #5: El Swanco
Cost: $8,000
Right island. Center north area south of the 'north mall' on first island. It's got a big pool! Plus a garage too.

House #6: Hyman Condos
Cost: $14,000
Left island. Upper left, north of pizza place. Just west of Tacopolypse. Right by a police spinny. BIG garages here, lots of car storage. Note there is a HELICOPTER YOU CAN FLY ON THE ROOF!! Street clothes too.

House #7: Skumhole Shack
Cost: $1,000
Up on roof down to left past biker bar (when passing biker bar with bar on right). You only really need this when you get to the biker missions.

You get this for free when you kill Diaz. Note there's a room in the basement loaded with health, armor and weapons!

Dave adds: the sea sparrow is behind the mansion. the maverick stays where it is, so you get a choice of 2 helicopters at the mansion.

Can't Buy until "Shakedown" Mission

Cost: $10,000
Income Generated: $2,000
Left island in lower docks area. You have two workers in there that call you a "suit dude" and who say the fastest boat is already out waiting for you to drive it! Finish the sole mission for the income.

Ice Cream Factory
Cost: $20,000
Income Generated: $3,000
Left island immediately when you come off the southern bridge. It's a front for drug sales, you go around selling drugs with it. I like the jeengle jeengle :) :) The 'purchase video' features a strange old lady that hates children. 'It's a front,' she snaps at you. Insane woman. Anyway, deliver 50 IN A ROW to earn income. You get a star for every 4 sales, so stay near a spraypaint spot and it's easy.

Pole Position strip club
Cost: $30,000
Income Generated: $4,000
Right island near your starting spot. Once you buy it you can go in and watch the dancers, and even have your own private dancer. They're all clothed. Sit in lap dance room for $600 worth of 'fun' to have the place start earning an income. JWALLBANK adds: If you kill every person in the strip club you will change the dancer (this can be done twice)

Kaufman Cabs
Cost: $40,000
Income Generated: $5,000
Left island in Little Haiti. You get a series of missions here, and when you do them all the cab company starts 'earning' you steady cash.

Sunshine Autos
Cost: $50,000
Income Generated: $9,000
Left island, just north of the docks, near the airport. It's run by "BJ Smith" - voiced by football star Lawrence Taylor!! There's a car list here, a free spray spot, and tons of garage space. You also learn about races here! You get your income after doing all 4 car-gathering missions.

Film Studio
Cost: $60,000
Income Generated: $7,000
On Prawn Island. You get income after finishing 4 missions.

Printing Shop
Cost: $70,000
Income Generated: $8,000
Left island, on line between Haiti and Cuba :) You start a set of printing missions here. You get the income once they're all complete.

Malibu dance club
Cost: $120,000
Income Generated: $10,000
On right island in center. You start a set of 'gather the team' missions here, ending with a bank heist. You earn income after the bank heist is done.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

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