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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :

Rampages are marked by spinny death heads. They're timed 'kill X people in Y way' minigames.

Lighthouse Rampage
Near lighthouse - on left when facing it and the water.
Run over and kill 30 gang members in 5 minutes. Just bring a car here and head right!

Mall Rampage
Up by the record store in the planter
Kill 30 gang members in 2 minutes.

NorthEast Rampage
A few houses west of the one you can purchase at the northeast section of the island.
Drive-by shoot 20 gang members in 2 minutes.

Handgun Rampage
Up 2 sets of outer stairs to east of northern ammonation on top of left island.

Stadium dock, north area of left island.

Rocket Launcher Rampage
On big ship in docks area. Shoot 15 cars in 2 minutes.

Chainsaw Rampage
20 gang members in 2 minutes with chainsaw. Middle of green area on west of left island in middle. Right of golf course when facing it. Reward: $50.

Drive-By Rampage
Left island. South of pizza place. Drive by and waste 35 gang members in 2 min. There's body armor right here too :) From the center of this island, go up the single straight road north. Take a left when it splits up again, and when road turns right take a left into the grey alley 'square'. It's on the square.

Minigun Rampage
Left island, in northern area by the Ball and Claw sculpture.

Northern part of airport where top horizontal road goes across on jut-out to left. Destroy 15 vehicles in 2 minutes.

At dead end loop against the ocean on north end of right island

On left island behind Hooker Inn

First island, behind pink building across from big shattered blown-up building on way to Starfish Island.

Water Rampage
rampage near jump near boatyard.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

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