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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :
Weapon Locations

You really don't need to cheat to get weapons. They're all lying around the map for you, free for the taking!

Hunter Knife:
* southernmost part of ocean beach (just drive forward in ther alleyway of "guardian angels" mission) Thanks to mal' aj

Brass knucles:
* to the right of the bat location, on the side of the hotel you start on Thanks to mal' aj

Chef Knife:
In the left of the starfish island bridge (same as "left the building site of "demolition man"") Thanks to mal' aj

Baseball Bat:
* Side of hotel you start on

Golf Club:
* To the right after you enter the golf club

* On east island side of bridge from east island to starfish island.
* Inside office area of Malibu Club after bank mission

* At Pier 2 (Carlos' Yacht) stand with your back to it and go forward and left.

* At starting hotel, go left down that street until the end. It's by a bench on the right.
* Behind the hangar in the junkyard on the left island.
* Up on garage roof in garage with spiral entrances lower left of right island
* Basement of Diaz/your Mansion

Gold Shotgun:
* On left island, behind big billboard of 'vice surf' at airport

* On left island, right next to the Auntie house in the center.
* On left island, back behind long line of billboards at airport ("welcome to vice city")
* On Starfish island, basement of your/Diaz mansion

* On starfish island, in hedge maze of big mansion (first Diaz's, then yours)

Assault Rifle
* House #5, El Swanko Casa: There's an assault rifle on the roof in the back of the house. Just go up the right staircase, jump onto the roof on your right and follow it around the back. Happy Sniping. ;) -- from Capt. Leadfoot

Machine Gun:
* At the gun shop on first island, facing it, go down alley on left and around behind the shop.
* On prawn island, house to far north side all boarded up - on front balcony.
* Across from big ship on south of left island - cross street, go left, by pony

Guardian Angels-type machine gun:
* in the roof of washington mall (where the lawyer block ends) ammunation MUST have stock before u can find it here, otherwise, ull get a shotgun. Thanks to mal' aj

Hand Grenades
* On left island, in chain-link-fenced in playground a few blocks east from the cafe.
* At the back of the Washington Beach Police station, by the parked police cars Thanks to Roadkill

Molotov Cocktail
* In Taco restaurant by Hyman Condos in north area of left island.

* Down in dock area on left island, on other side of road from paint & spray
* On Starfish island, find house with Rockstar logo shaped simming pool in backyard, flamethrower is in the star of the logo. Thanks to Scooter for this one!

Rocket Launcher
* Just before airport entrance of left island - big orange hotel "Hooker Inn". In pool in inner area.

Smoke Grenades
* Behind the police station in the center of the right island.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

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