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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :
Getting Lots of Cash!

This tip is thanks to Morton106!!

This cheat is to get FULL MONEY ($99999999) and is by far the fastest way to get the money. It will take only 1 hour of your time. First, you must get to Escobar Airport and get as far away from any roads as possible. Next, either use the cheat for the Rhino Tank or keep killing people until you get the full stars with the military on your butt and steal the tank(harder). Next, enter the tank and press R3 to run the vigilante mode. If all things went right, the vigilante vehicles will have spawned within the airport (nice open area). If not, don't worry, just keep following them and killing them. Eventually they will re-spawn on the tarmac of the airport. YOU WILL NOTICE THEM RE-SPAWNING AT THE SAME LOCATION EVERY TIME. When you see this, just keep two car lengths away from this re-spawning location and keep firing whenever you see them. You may have to give a little gas every now and then to keep your position. Also, you must use the "lower the wanted level cheat" to keep the cops (helicopters) away. Just keep doing this and you will see that the prize money for killing the vigilante vehicles grows almost exponentially. (Meaning 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400......somewhat like this) The money will eventually level off. But each successful vigilante mission kill will result in $1000000 approximately.

My stats after 58 minutes of this are as follows:
2511 kills
Vigilante Mission Number 181

note: the spawning and re-spawning ground for the vigilante vehicles may change to a different location eventually, but continue to kill them and eventually they will return to the re-spawning location at the airport.

The greatest feeling I got when doing this was when i got almost 4 Billion straight in a row in only 4 minutes by doing this. They just keep re-spawning and did not change location!!!

Good Luck With the rest of the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

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