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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :
Body Armor Locations

* First island, south of 'north mall' is building with road on all 4 sides - squished square shape. Go in and up 2 ramps

* First island, west of 'north mall' is building with wide grey steps and orange-white stripes. Facing building with mall behind you, go up stairs and on ledge to left.

* First island near north end - hotel with swimming pool in back. Drive behind it, jump on car then on ledge to get in.

* First island, in gazebo in pond just south of Swanko Casa

* First island, very middle. Standing Vice Point big building with standing sign in front with V on it. Body armor is next to the sign.

* Starfish Island, basement of Diaz/your mansion

* Leafy Links, in top leftmost part of leafy links island in a sand trap

* Second island, top area. See the single thick road that goes north from the center area? Head up it and take a left when the road opens up again. When the road turns right, there's a "square" of grey alley to the left. Go into that square, it's in the alley.

* Second island, southern area. Up 2 sets of white stairs next to paint and spray.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

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