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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :
Bouncing a Beach Ball!

A user, Matthew, sent me the following note:

i guess this is a much a question as a tip. on the center island where your mansion is there are a few of the other nice houses that have big swimming pools and some of them have beachballs in them. i have found that by walking into them you kick them around. well i had it come down on my head and bounce up and i noticed that the number one appeared. then i played with it for a little bit and noticed that by bouncing the ball off your head without letting it touch the ground that these number go higher counting the number of time that you have done this. i have only been able to get to 4 (it is quite difficult). have you heard of this before?? and if you do it enough time is there some kind of special thing that happens or maybe a supprise of some kind? if you know of anything please write me back.

Strange!! I sent him this note back:

I have to tell you that last night after reading your email I *had a dream about GTA and beach balls* where people were bouncing beach balls off their heads with numbers appearing. It was VERY strange. You have infected my brain with this thought.

I have NEVER seen numbers in playing with balls in GTA and I am really intrigued. I will have to try it later and see what happens. You might post this in our forum and see if anyone else has tried it.

Matthew's response was:

well i think i have gotten to the bottom of it. i noticed while looking through the "stats" that there is one for boncing the "keepie uppy beach ball". i have been playing this game for ever and it amazes me that i still find new stuff all the time. well thank you for your reply and enjoy yourself with the beach ball (i still haven't gotten it to bounce more than 4 times)

So sure enough, I tracked down the beach ball on Starfish Island - it's in a mansion against the ocean. Here's a picture of me with my Beach Ball:

Once I bounced it on my head 3 times, a new stat appeared!!

Here are some beachball top scores from fellow GTAVC gamers. Send yours in if you got more!

Blanked: 40 bounces!!
Lyn: 28 bounces
JCA: 14 bounces
Legertroepen: 7 bounces

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Review

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