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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :
Death Row

Kent Paul, the English Dude you were told about by your lawyer, wants you to talk with him at the Malibu. Turns out that he knows that your pal Lance was grabbed and you have to go rescue him. This is strange because Kent called you to say he needed to talk to you, and then AFTER that Lance called you with his cryptic "We're in this together, right?" call. Hmmmmmm.

Anyway, someone has Lance. They're holding him at the Junkyard on the left island. You have to go rescue him, and you have a health bar for Lance. It starts the moment you leave Malibu so this is in essence a live timer for you to race and get him quickly.

Have a fast car aimed north when you leave the club. Go straight, take your second left, and cross the bridge. Go straight towards the dot (well follow the road) and right before the 2 guys at the end of the street, take a LEFT. Go around the back until you can't drive any more, then get out and run in. Lance should still have half health left.

Shoot the guys on the roof and anyone else that comes near you. There are 2-3 guys inside the hangar, take them out from afar. Once you get to Lance, the timer stops and he mumbles about not being able to mow the grass of the guy that killed his father. Now you have to get him back to a hospital.

You're probably hurt now. Run straight out of the hangar and up the coal chute for a full health. Behind the hangar is a shotgun spawn. Now hop into the car at the left of the hangar and drive him to the spot. He tells you to meet him on the bridge at Starfish Island.

Mission Accomplished - no cash though.

You get a call around now. Cortez says the French are giving him trouble. He needs your help. He hates the French.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

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