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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :
Publicity Tour

You can't do this one until the biker set of 3 missions are done

You pick on the band for being "drunken Scottish bisexuals". And when you're in the limo, you discover it's rigged to blow if you drop your speed. I seem to recall a movie about this ... OK. This is about driving properly.

Turn the limo so instead of going left (as you face out the door of the band spot) you instead go STRAIGHT then take your first right. You now have long straight road down the entire length of the island. Don't drive full speed!! Otherwise you'll run out of road. Drive just enough to balance the bomb and you'll be able to get it defused before you get to the end in the docks and have to turn. Note that when the road splits at the dock area stay LEFT for the maximum straight distance.

I didn't write down all their inane conversation but here are key spots to watch for:

"Somebody do something"

"I play a musical instrument"

"Just pass Willy a straw"

"The green one"

"Death's in the cards"

"You're a muppit"

"This One!"

Now the bomb is defused. Drive back to the venue - it's right by where you started. You get to see the stage of skull and flames. oOooooOOOooh.

Payoff: $8,000

End of band missions for now. You get a call - Baker the Biker really enjoyed the show.

Tip from Mark:
Simply hold down "x" for a couple of secs and then release, the meter hardly rises, for the best route go round the biker gangs club and follow the road to the docks. easier than you thought, but just don't crash!

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Review

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