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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :
Taxi Missions

If you want, you can steal a taxi cab. Then press the right thumbstick in (down) to turn on the taxi missions. This is a GREAT way to earn some money plus learn the streets of the town.

You'll find people on the street with blue arrows that want to ride. Pull up close to them to let them in. Then you have a certain number of seconds to get where they want to go (it'll show up on the map). If you get there in time, you'll get more money.

If you can then grab another fare before the timer runs out, you can keep going in sequence, and count up how many in a row you can get!

Note that you don't earn tons with a taxi - usually under $100 a mission. But it's a superb way to learn the town streets, which you really need to do anyway.

5 in a row: $500 bonus
10 in a row: $1000 bonus

and so on!

If you deliver 100 fares, you get BOOST. This gives all cab to do a cool jump by pressing L3. You can't do this at a stop, you have to be moving pretty quickly.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

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