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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :
Pizza Delivery Missions

Some people have asked where you get the pizza missions from. You get them from the pizza places! At least one of the pizza joints will have a little moped next to it for you to get on. Just go around to each of them to see where the moped is for you. For me it was mostly at the pizza place down the street from the Love Fist studio.

To throw a pizza to someone, you in essence are just strafing them. So just like if you were driving by someone, looking out a side window and shooting at them - that's how you throw them a pizza.

OK the key here is to LOOK AT THE MAP when you get each set of orders to plan out your route. You only carry 6 pizzas at a time and if you run out you have to go back and get more. Usually you don't have enough time to do this! So throw carefully and plan your route well.

In essence you drive a little moped and carry 6 pizzas around. You start with just 1 person to deliver to so in essence you can miss them 5 times and still be OK. Do R2 and then O to do a 'drive by pizza toss'. They'll throw money at you if you toss it to them well. You have 6 minutes for each 'round'.

If you do 1 person OK, go back. Now he wants you to do 2 people. Then 3, then 4. He's rude during those four but when you get to 5 people at once he's saying "Pal, Pizzas for you." He called me pal!!

I've done up to 9 in a row but didn't make it back to the shop to pick up an order for 10. I've gotten over 100 deliveries done and got nothing special for that. If you actually make it through level 10, you get 150 max health!

Tip from Prakash Nakka
Ok, I have successfully completed the pizza delivery missions and my health is now 150. I tried 4 times but was out of time. Each delivery has 5 minutes(correction to the original 6 minutes as stated in the walkthrough on this site). You have place for 6 pizzas. Mission starts with 1 delivery, if completed 2 deliveries and so on up to 10 deliveries. There is no extra time for delivering a pizza like the ambulance missions. Up to 6 deliveries is fine because you only need to do one trip from the pizza store.

From 7 to 10 deliveries you have to go back to the store to get more, here is a quick choice you make. look at the map and see the locations (yellow spots). Deliver to the farthest place first this will relieve your panic attacks as the time goes low. Then next choice to see clusters of locations on either side of the store usually the clusters are 3 spots, 4 or 5 . Decide which side you want to go first. If you have more locations than the pizzas you are carrying throw the pizzas away and return to the store that way you only have to make one trip instead of returning for more pizzas that will save you time.

Once you deliver 10 pizzas and return to the store in time your health goes to 150. !!!!!!!Don't forget to save your game.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

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