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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :
Street Races

Once you buy the car dealership, a whole new world opens up to you! Both the race info and the vehicle list are found behind the dealership. The tag line for the race is "Earn Cash, Not Kudos" :) Use your arrow keys to move between the various races.

Check the Car Listing with Photos for more details on a particular car.

Car Racing
Race 1: Terminal Velocity
1.1 miles, $100 entrance fee. It's a lap around the airport roads. 1:02 for $400.

Race 2: Ocean Drive
1.6 miles, $500 entrance fee. A long straight run up and down Ocean Drive. 1:22 for $2000.

Race 3 - Border Run
1.9 miles $1000 entrance fee. Win $4,000 in a comet.

Race 4 - capital cruise
2.4 miles - $2000 entrance fee.

Race 5 - tour!
2.8 miles - $5000 entrance fee.

Race 6 - V.C. Endurance
6.1 miles - $10,000 entrance fee.

Tip from slamy:
To win the races there's a trick: don't get to the starting point but get in front of the cars, then take a rocket launcher and shoot at the first car, two cars will explode. A third car will ride across the broken cars. then you must blow him up. after you do that you can finish the race in the slowest car even.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

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