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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :
Unique Jumps and Other Jumps

Motorcycle over AmmoNation
Take a PCJ to the AmmoNation at the top of the left island. If you drive straight away from it, you'll see a long stairway ramp on your left. This is used in one of the Biker missions to get the biker's Angel back. Use this for a unique jump.

Motorcycle Jump from building to building
In the G-spotlight mission there'll be a pink spot guiding you to this location. You go in up the stairs, inside the office area, up the elevator (in the motorcycle) then jump from one building across to the 'open area' in the other building.

Motorcycle Jump 2 from building to building
Also in G-spotlight, as you go through your motorcycle jumps across the rooftops you'll hit another unique jump.

End of Bridge Ramps
There's a pair of ramps on either side of the entrance to the bridge right by the police station on the right island. Jump from one to the other for a unique jump.

South of Malibu
Yes, that's pretty obviously a jump just south of the Malibu. Get a Phoenix to do this well. Go north past the malibu up to the traffic lights. Sit there until the road before you is clear, then zoom down and right to take the jump. If you get over the water and land on your tires, you get the credit.

North Point Mall
I don't know that this is a unique jump, but I got a DOUBLE INSANE doing a leap off of here on a car :) I spun the car around sidways as if it was on a record player :) There's a little wooden ramp on the top floor of the garage.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

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