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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :
Racing at the Stadium

The gamer 2drama pointed out that I forgot to list the Stadium information in the walkthrough. How could I forget! Go to the stadium arena any night between 8pm and midnight, and the main central door will be open for you. There are 3 kinds of races you can do in here - a motorcycle obstacle course, a car smash-em-up, and a NASCAR-style car race.

The game rotates through a different one each night, and you can see which one is on for a given day by the giant sign hanging above the doors:

Hotring Notes: Try not to go into the pit stop area, you lose too much time while healing. Just avoid being near the other cars, race as quickly as you can, and if you're alongside someone and have a clear path ahead of you, do some drive-by shooting.

Tip from Graeme Findlay:
What I do is go through the pits.. just dont stop.. this way you get a quick.. all be it small.. dose of health.. but multiply that by 12 laps.. you should be able to last 12 laps without stopping.. as well as the the pit wall gives momentary protection.

Dirtring notes: This is REALLY tricky and you need a lot of practice to earn the $50,000 for doing the course within 5 minutes. You only get $10,000 for doing it within 10 minutes, and $5,000 for finishing it any time after that. It takes a lot of practice to get good especially at the 'on the fence' ones. Your best bet is to line up with the fence and then go quickly without steering. Note that on the one with the car, plank, car2, plank2, that you don't have to go over the first plank. Just drive up the middle car and do that second plank.

Bloodring notes: It appears if you don't touch a car at all, when it is destroyed you don't get the $100 credit for it. So be sure to ding each car in there at least once and then watch as they destroy each other. Maintain your time so you don't run out but also so you don't cross the 'time to win', so that you get as many bonus points as possible for the other cars blowing up before you get your final $1,000 for finishing the round.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

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