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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :
Stores to Hold Up

You have to hold up 15 different shops in order to get the full 100% game completion for Vice City. Here are the shops! Be sure to go up to the clerk and TARGET BUT DO NOT SHOOT. He will then take the cash out and give it to you. Take off before the cops show up!

Right Island
* Bunch of Tools west of the police on Washington Beach
* Store north of the Shady Points hospital
* Pharmacy west of the first store
* Jewelry store east of bridge to the golf course
* "Gash" in the mall
* Music Store in the mall
* Jewelry Store in the mall
* Hardware Store in the mall

Left Island
* Pharmacy by Love Fist's Studio
* Jewelry Store by Love Fist's Studio
* Ryton Aide Pharmacy in Little Haiti
* The Umberto Deli (yes, you're holding up your friend's hangout!!)
* Donut Shop south of the Cherry Popper
* Laundromat west of the Print Works
* Screw This by Sunshine Autos

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

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