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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough :
Car Dealership Listing

Once you buy the car dealership, a whole new world opens up to you! Both the race info and the vehicle list are found behind the dealership.

Check the Car Listing with Photos for more details on a particular car.

Vehicles to Steal: Set #1
You get $1500 each:
Landstalker - Range Rover
Idaho - sedan car with 2 doors
Esperanto - sedan
Stallion - Mustang
Rancher - Dakota (pickup)
Blista Compact - hatchback, by north mall on right island

When you do these: "Car Showroom Asset completed. Now generate renevue up to $1500 - collect regularly." Get a Deluxo in your showroom.

Vehicles to Steal: Set #2
Sabre - right outside car dealership
Virgo - main road between port and mid island
Sentinel - right outside car dealership
Stretch - at Diaz's mansion
Washington - get fbi washington by north pizza spot, now grab washington on road
Admiral - right outside

When you do these - generates up to $4000 regularly. Get a Sabre Turbo in your showroom.

Vehicles to Steal: Set #3
Cheetah - around the airport
Infernus - at Diaz mansion
Banshee - main street by ports
Phoenix - had in garage
Comet - outside of golf club
Stinger - right outside car dealership

When you do these - now generates $6500. You get (upstairs) a Sandking beach rider.

Vehicles to Steal: Set #4
Voodoo - little haiti
Cuban hermes - little havana
Caddy - at golf course. Drive off bridge over road to get onto main roads.
Baggage - airport
Mr whoopee - ice cream shop
Pizza boy - any pizza shop

Get them all - get a Nascar racing car, the Hotring Racer. Now you generate $9000!!

However, you've reached the end. There's no new list!!

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

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