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Halo Walkthrough
Breaking Stuff to Look Tough

OK, now you move on to the second canyon. Fly down to the bridge and go in the door. You're back to the circle rooms. Go around the circle room to the left, then into a corridor. The next area has a fight going on between the bad guys and the badder guys. Get health and ammo to the right. Then go left to the door. Flood comes, get through them and you're outside on a bridge.

The bridge is the scene of another fight. Wait until most of them kill each other and then run down the right side. You can usually make it down without anyone really even noticing you. Now you're back inside.

Another circle room, lots of Flood, Go around to the left to the corridor. Another circle room, left, healthy by the door. There are lots of little guys behind the door.

You hear the fight beyond the next door, it's the second bridge. Wait for it to die down again. Use your shotgun to blast any remaining guys when you cross. In the other side, a door, lots of little ones, poof them with one hit. Go left for the lift.

Th next room is a good shotgun room. Run right to the door, take the corridor, and you're back outside.

Jump in the little vehicle, ride straight across and down the ramp. Switch into the warthog here. There's health and ammo too. Now head up the ramp.

In the next area, move around to the left, get into the banshee and fly up. Go into the room and fight the zombies and the floaters. When you zap the generator, more zombies come in. Kill them off and head back out again.

Halo Walkthrough

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