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Halo Walkthrough
... And the horse you rode in on

Now you're back to the PoA crash site. Go down the hall, into the tunnel, and down the ladder in there. You'll hit balloon and floaty guys. Go around and you'll hit another giant corridor fight. Let them fight and take out the survivors. Moving forward you find med kits and the cafeteria. This can be tough to fight through - there are lots of bad guys in here. If you want, just race through on the left hand side and turn left to go to the bridge.

"The Bridge, let's get to work" chimes in your electronic friend. Go forward to the main viewing area where you started out talking to the captain. If you move a little left, she'll start the countdown. The blue guy shows up to cause trouble for you, he's in engineering. The sentinels show up too.

Shoot them all, and then go back to the corridor. It's easy to follow the arrows for this part, right on the floor. Go toward the cryo signs. Go up and into the control area, there'll be a big fight there. Then go in the tunnels and out. You'll see the Armory and Engineering signs. Go into the Armory first and stock up. Be sure to get the rocket launcher and grenades. You'll need them. Then head into Engineering.

Halo Walkthrough

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