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Halo Walkthrough
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OK, you're back on Halo. This mission is a mix between outside and indoor fighting. You start out on an island that has a few buildings. You begin with a small fight. Next, you take a warthog with 2 guys on it. around forward (counterclockwise if you were to look down on the island) up a ramp to a building. Don't drive into the building :) Run over a few guys and shoot the rest. It works well to point the warthog at the front of the building - down the corridor - so they can help you clear it out from the outside. You get in but a door closes and you have to unlock it elsewhere.

Come back out and get into your warthog. Head further along the beach. Go through an arch of rock. In the next area, park the warthog up on the ramp. Get out and sneak around behind the enemies so they're getting blasted from both ends. When they're done, walk inland. After a narrow part you'll come on a building with 2 baddies. This is easy if you stay to the right, poke your head out to shoot them, then duck back in again when they shoot back. There's health over to the left if you need it. You have to hit them a lot to kill them, and when they're just about dead they will charge you. Usually you can kill them before they actually get to you. There are 2 shields down where they were standing.

Go past the building to a path on the other side. You have to go slowly and carefully in here - it's very easy to run out of ammo. Conserve your ammo and go back to your enemies to gather more if you do run out. Eventually you kill the enemies here. You'll come to another building with an entrance, over a beach cliff.

On the left of the entrance are shields - grab one. Now head in. There are 2-3 biggies in here too - kill them and then press X when told to to open the door.

Halo Walkthrough

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