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Halo 2 Walkthrough
The Heretic

Very fascinating, the game begins with the covenant commander who is being put on trial for failing to defend the holy Halo. The members of the congress all scream at him for being a heretic, and he is dragged out and tortured.

In the meantime, you start with basic looking and movement as the game figures out intuitively which way you look up and down. You are then walked out amidst cheers and triumph to a medal ceremony with your troops. The degradation of the enemy and the rewarding of your skills is cut very well back and forth.

Soon, though, the covenant is attacking you. It's time to get going.

You'll find a battle rifle and SMG down the stairs. Go down further for more weapons. Run along with the guys to the door and follow the troops. When you get to the door, checkpoint.

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