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Halo 2 Walkthrough
Home Field Advantage

You get a TON of checkpoints in here which is very nice. First, shoot a few enemies. checkpoint. Shoot a bunch more. checkpoint. If you run across an interesting weapon, hold x to swap for the new gun. Run right and shoot some more.

"Mira, he's good!" call out your troops :) Keep going forward and up the stairs. checkpoint.

A new door opens up up here. you see shooting below you - go to the turret in the window and use X to start firing at the people below you. Clear out the lower level and keep working your way along.

Soon you are in a hanger with the covenant leaping from their ships into the main bay area. Stay on the upper area and blast down at them. You can watch more and more enemies leap from the red circle area of the ship.

"What is your status, over" - they're retreating.


There are now more enemies in the back right corner and you hear "brace for impact". Go out and around to the right towards the window. checkpoint.

Now you're in another hangar area - grenades work really well in here. "Nice toss, chief!" The turrets up above are really powerful so stay away from them. You're told to take out the boarding craft.

An explosion comes from within - they tell you to find it. Go down the stairs on the far end of the room. kill a bunch of enemies - checkpoint.

Open the door on the far end and shoot the enemy, then go up. You're in the armory. Shoot a few guys here, then kill another big guy for a checkpoint. Now go back down way into the bottom of the previous hallway area and throw a switch - then go all the way back up into the armory to replenish your weapons. Head out into the lobby - checkpoint

I love the little grunts - they are so cute!! Work your way forward and take out the turret, then left through the door and forward to the stairs. Go up the stairs and right through the door. Enemies will come through the opposite door. Keep on going and shooting. checkpoint

Finally, you're at another stair area and run into a friend. Work your way down the hallway shooting the enemies. At the end take a right into the boxes room.

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