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Halo 2 Walkthrough
They'll Regret That, Too

You're down on the ground in a concrete area - there are spaceships above and grunts around you. "Down there! Enemies!" :) checkpoint

Head up the stairs - "More bad guys!" yell the grunts. Keep going forward to the door - checkpoint. you're in a new street area - shoot the enemies as you go. checkpoint

"we've got jackals in the courtyard" say the helpful ones. Sure enough the shield-dudes are there in the boxes. Shoot them and their friends. checkpoint.

Drones fly in from above. Then another batch of enemies come in on ground. Move on forward. checkpoint

The music comes on - "Eyes up!" a spaceship comes in dropping troops. you can shoot at it but mostly shoot at the new troops it drops. "Good LZ on the other side of the buildings - someone get a satchel on the gate." Next thing you know, a pair of massive hunters come out - really tough armor - grenades work well.

"We'll come to you" says Cortana. Go through the blown open gate - checkpoint. Shoot down lots of jackals with shields. checkpoint

Heading forward and right leads to a new area with has jackals and drones. Stay hidden as you move forward - some of the guns here are really nasty. only reveal yourself to take out an enemy then hide and heal. checkpoint.

A few more enemies hop out as you move onto the next map area - to the red cars is another checkpoint by the Hotel Zanzibar. "Chief - glad you could make it." The crash site is on the other side of the hotel.

checkpoint as you head in. Press the white button for your flashlight. You get scary music as you try to work your way in. Checkpoint as you get to the other side.

Of course hostiles are waiting there for you. Go up onto the balcony to take out the remaining grunts. Jump over the fence down to the warthog. Woo hoo!!

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