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Halo 2 Walkthrough
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You're now in a Scorpion. Your friends hop on the sides to stay with you. Avoid the obstacles - keep moving and dodging the shots. checkpoint

another contact - it's a flying shadow. Another shadow comes in from behind you. Keep on forward through the ghosts. checkpoint.

"that's quite a welcome party!" she says cheerfully :). You're in an area with a big 5 on the right wall. Shoot down the flying things as you go through the toll plaza. You have low flying ghosts and high flying trail-leaving banshees. You also get a few larger armored wraiths.

Head on down into the tunnel. keep on shooting obstacles in your path. checkpoint.

A warthog comes down to join you. At this point you are stuck at a half open yellow door. checkpoint.

Hop out of your tank and into the little warthog. Go on over the ramp. "It's tight quarters" they say . There are a ton of guys there. Blast your way through them and continue slowly along the tunnel. Kepe yourself in cover and use the boxes as you sneak up on each group to clear them out.

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