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Halo 2 Walkthrough
This town ain't big enough for both of us

Now you're in an outer area now with water and grass, as well as multiple levels. You can see numerous enemies here which are perfect for sniping if you have a sniper weapon. The giant octo thing is also there.

Shoot away and then get the turret to blast whoever remains. Work your way along the platforms. There are 1-2-3 on one wall. Move along the outer hallway area to the next area.

Now you get more ships to deal with including wraiths. This room has a half dome on the left hand side. They are pretty nasty and ram you if you're not careful.

Move down into the door and to a waterfall area. checkpoint

You get the music up and are in a big city area with lots of guys running around and shooting. There are ghosts and warthogs zooming around. Help out as best you can. Cool cars are there :) Those warthog drivers are a little out of control.

Head to the right. "There are a number of marines trapped in that building" says cortana. She says to concentrate on the wraiths. Those are the tankish ground units. Shoot through them with a ghost. When you do, Cortana says "there is a marine command post in that building. We'll need to help them with that Scarab."

Perez shows up to guide you. Go on up the stairs.

Halo 2 Walkthrough

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