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Halo 2 Walkthrough
Field Expedient

Now you're at a turret and a spidery thing is coming straight at you. Take the turret and just blast away. Nothing seems to hurt it. That apparently is the scarab. When it passes go up the several flight of stairs. checkpoint

Now you're up at a balcony level with rocket launchers. Woo hoo! This is the classic Return of the King elephant mission where you run alongside the scarab and keep grabbing more ammo as you go, aiming down at your buddy the spider thing.

Finally you get to a checkpoint where "you have it trapped". "chief, you're going to have to board the scarab". blast away at it first to kill off any remaining guys then leap onto it. go down into its innards and shoot the troops in there.

The elite in here is REALLY nasty. Blast it to destroy the scarab.

You get a cut scene of the enemy ship warping out right in the middle of the city - and you warp out with it. The blast from the warp takes out the entire region in a white blast.

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