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Halo 2 Walkthrough
A Whisper in the Storm

You watch a cut scene of the heretic being dragged along in the prison. "The higher ups have something special in mind" The prophet tells the guards to leave. You're in the masoleum. They show a video of a 'real heretic' They want the prisoner to become an Arbitor. "You will die as each arbitor has before you". The prisoner puts on the armor.

Now there are scenes of the Covenant troops. Apparently they have a covenant of honor and death. There's a little discussion between the arbitor and the team leader, where the team leader says his troops are important to him. Maybe these covenant aren't all bad ... All the covenant guys land.

Woo hoo!! You are actually the ARBITOR guy now !! :) :)

Start out by going right and down the ramp. Wait at the door for your guys, then they'll open it so you can go in the second door. White is your camo button. Blast a few guys, and checkpoint. Now go right over to the ramp into a new area. There are more enemies. Be careful who you shoot - your reticule will turn red on enemies, green on friends. Shoot a ton of needles, and checkpoint. Now the paths start moving with boxes on them. Be careful you don't get swept down with them. Fight more, and checkpoint.

"Should be a hangar below you" they say. Go carefully to the end of the room and look below for the door. Checkpoint. Fight a few guys down here, again checkpoint.

Gather ammo and go into the elevator. Press X to use it. There's a long ride down, checkpoint. Go white and sneak along the left into the doorway where you're safe. From there you can poke out and shoot just about anyone you want or lob a grenade. "Find the control to the hangar door" they say. Go straight down the path to the left from that door and down the stairs. Press X to open the door, checkpoint.

Your ship comes in, help them out with the firing, checkpoint. Now go to the left side (with your back to 'space') and clear out that entire side. When you reach the end of the balcony jump back down to the center and clear out the lower troops. Checkpoint. Now go 'away from space' on that lower level through the door. Go down some stairs, checkpoint. Kill a few more troops, checkpoint. Hit a door, checkpoint. There are a ton of checkpoints in here :)

You're now in another large room with sliders. Work through slowly, killing them all. Checkpoint. Go through the door, checkpoint. Down the stairs and kill a few more, checkpoint. Around the corner, and more stairs down. When you reach the red door go left and down. Keep going down, gathering ammo, killing a few guys.

Finally there's a blue door - shoot thorugh it at the enemies and kill them all in a snipery sort of way. Checkpoint.

Go forward and left along the bottom area, killing as you go. I love the needler, it works very well and there is tons of ammo lying around for it. Checkpoint. There's a door into the wall - move through to the next room. There's only a few guys in here before, yes, checkpoint. There's a door in the left wall. You see guys on banshees through bulletproof glass. Wait fo rthe enemies to come from the right, slay them all and then the 2 flying drones. You guessed it - checkpoint.

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